A small selection of my favourites

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Most of the appetisers from the menu below can be ordered with a little notice. Menus can be specifically created to cater for Parties, special occasions or events.
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V =(vegan option)

Puri chaat Small crisp semolina puri's containing chickpea, potato, & onion. Garnished with tamarind & yoghurt sauce, a special blend of Lilli Chilli's chutneys and coriander to enhance the delicious combination of flavours. An absolute must, guaranteed you'll be addicted!

Chilli Paneer Indian Cheese stir fried with onion, peppers, chilli, garlic and chilli sauce. A favourite for any paneer lover!

Kachoris with tamarind chutney (v) Crushed lentil and green peas cooked in special spices with fennel and coconut wrapped in a crispy homemade pastry ball. Deep fried. Truly delicious and one of my personal favourites!

Crispy Bhajia with spicy tomato, carrot and cucumber relish (v)Potato roundels marinated in spiced gram flour and deep fried to golden crisp. Truly unique!

Paneer Bhajia Sliced paneer marinated in spiced gram flour and deep fried.

Bhel (v) Puffed rice, semolina sticks, cubed potato, chickpea, onions, coriander & peanuts. Garnished with LilliChilli's chutney and tamarind sauce. Classic Mumbai street food with a delicious combination of flavours!

Aloo Tikki (v) Spiced potato patti with spicy curried chickpeas. An Indian favourite!

Masala Mogo (v) Deep fried cassava chips (Yam- like vegetable) tempered in chilli, ginger and dressed in chilli sauce, garnished with coriander. A rare find in this city!

Samosas (v) No description needed! Served in most restaurants but taste LilliChilli's Hugely popular- please check availability.

Paneer Samosas Filled with paneer & peas, delicately spiced. Absolutely delicious! Please check availability.

Channa Fritters (v) Ground chickpeas, delicate spices with parsley & coriander.

Handwo Spiced Lentil, Courgette & Fenugreek Savoury Cake. A must try!

Dahi Vada Spiced lentil dumplings in sweet and spicy yoghurt, drizzled with tamarind and lillichilli's special chutney.

Potato Vada (v) Spiced potato dumplings dipped in gram flour batter and deep fried.

Dal Vada Crispy, spiced lentil dumplings served with coconut chutney

Samosa Chaat Samosas topped with onions, sweet and spiced yoghurt & tamarind. Garnished with coriander & lillichilli's chutney. Delicious!

Kachori Chaat As above but with Kachori's. (see above description for Kachori)